“Rising Moon” Black Brass Locket Wrap Necklace

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Would you like us to type a personalized message in this locket or get a surprise? **Please Leave Your Message in the Special Request Box Below** Unique Feature: Wear it 3 ways! This necklace is one LONG piece at 46 inches long. You can wrap it around your head to make it a double necklace! Then, by pulling down on one charm, the other charm rises up. This is how you can adjust where each charm sits! See photos for various ways to wear this gorgeous necklace! Necklace Length: This necklace is 46 inches long. Handmade in Canada with: NEW, pure, non-allergenic Black Oxidized Brass from Turkey Glass & gold flakes locket front Pyrex glass, "Message In A Bottle" packaging from USA Cotton vellum "My One Thing Is" message paper from USA Thoughtfully curated, ethically built, community-driven. 10-25% of every purchase goes to programs that help Mothers with Postpartum Depression & to other isolated communities who need our love. Included in your package: Your One Thing Rising Moon Black Brass Locket Wrap Necklace 1 special One Thing message from someone in the world. Just open your locket! 3 "My One Thing" locket inserts to write your message. Use any pen to write! A FREE Locket Cleaner to keep your necklace and locket shiny! Seriously cute glass test tube packaging!