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October 18th 2021, 9:46 PM
By Perk Hero

How To Make A Spook-tastic Halloween Charcuterie Board

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Gone are the boring snack plates filled with candy and junk food. It’s time to welcome a more sophisticated, fun, and healthier alternative for the scariest day of the year—Halloween.  

Whether it’s for a Halloween party or a scary movie night, charcuterie boards are the perfect sweet and savoury treat that keeps both adults and kids alike fed and happy. With a few personal touches and a clever arrangement, these Halloween snack plates are sure to wow your guests and set the spooky tone for the night. 

The best thing about a charcuterie board is that you can help your kids avoid the dreaded sugar high from candies and customize it the way you want it. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips to make the perfect Halloween charcuterie board. 

Step One: Choose Your Board And Vessels

Most people (ahem, Pinterest) use a wooden cutting board for their Halloween charcuterie board since it’s so easy to set it up. But if you don’t have one, you can use a cookie sheet, an extra-large plate, or any piece of wood or tile you might have lying around the house. Just remember to cover any non-food surfaces with parchment paper before assembling your board. 

You’d also need bowls to put in your spreads and sauces. Choose a shape that contradicts your board shape to diversify your aesthetic. If you’re using a rectangular board, you can use bowls of different heights, shapes, and sizes to jazz up your charcuterie board. But if you’re using a round plate, you can opt for square-ish sauce bowls instead. 

Step Two: Get Your Ingredients

This is the part where you can genuinely make your charcuterie board shine. In general, we’re aiming for a good mix of sweet and savoury treats, but you can customize the ratio to meet your family’s tastes. You can also make a well-rounded Halloween charcuterie board by using a variety of flavours and textures.  


It’s easy to play around with so many cheese varieties on the market. The general rule of thumb for a charcuterie board is one soft cheese like brie for its creaminess and a hard cheese like gruyere. You can also opt for classic cheeses like cheddar, mascarpone, or gouda. 

However, if you want to spooki-fy your charcuterie board, you might have to look beyond your supermarket offerings. Marbled cheese like Colby-Jack packs a punch of flavour into a small bite while bringing a spooky edge to your cheese plate. If you’re having a grown-up party, wine-marbled cheese has pinkish or ruby red veins that blend perfectly with the creamy texture of cheese. 

Depending on the wine, you’d also get different undertones, like a sweet berry taste from port or a fruity aftertaste from Red Windsor cheese. Sage derby gives you a mild, buttery flavour enhanced with gentle herbal flavours for something more adventurous. 

Meats, Fruits, And Vegetables

Sliced meats, salami, and cured meat like prosciutto are charcuterie staples, but you can pretty much put any meat you like. In fact, you don’t even need to include meat if you’re vegetarian or vegan. 

To make a spooky Halloween snack plate, you’d want to incorporate fruits and vegetables with a darker colour. Black grapes, berries, and figs are must-haves for their shady and moody vibes on your snack plates. You can also add in some strawberries or sliced oranges to provide a contrast to the mysterious darkness. 

The world is your oyster when it comes to vegetables. Black and green olives are charcuterie staples that are delicious, nutritious, and thematically appropriate. Besides that, you can also incorporate some pumpkins and carrots for a bit of fall colour.   


What’s a charcuterie without some fun crackers? Not a very good one, of course. Crackers help scoop up the delicious spread you have and provide some crunch to an otherwise soft charcuterie layout.

They’re instrumental in a Halloween spread, especially if you use the right colours and textures. We’re big fans of nudfud’s spirulina banana crisps for how delicious and spooky-looking they are. 

But if you’re looking for classic bites, you won’t go wrong with the pistachio bites from Nomz. They’re chocolatey, nutty, and packed with taste. 


Using the right spreads can tie your whole charcuterie board together. If you’re making a more kid-friendly charcuterie board, you can include the classic hazelnut butter from nomz. For a more fall flavour, go for this ginger honey blend from MOB Honey or this pumpkin pistachio butter from AW Organics.  

Nuts And Seeds

Many people use nuts and seeds to fill in the empty spaces on your charcuterie boards. But we believe that everything should serve a purpose on your spread, especially if you’re making this yummy treat for your kids. 

We love the brazil nuts from Avazera as a refreshing change from the usual pecan/peanut combo. Not only are they energy-dense, but they’re also one of the most concentrated dietary sources of Selenium. Sea-Salted Roasted Macadamia nuts are also a Perk Hero favourite since they are loaded with fibre and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

Step Three: Assemble!

Now that you have everything, it’s time to assemble. Here are a few tips to help you make a beautiful and nutritious Halloween charcuterie board.

  • Halloween decorations: An easy way to make your charcuterie board stand out is to decorate it for the season. Halloween decorations are affordable and easy to incorporate with your charcuterie board. You can lay a few pieces of prosciutto between a skeleton hand or even cut out some frightening shapes with your cheese. 
  • Base your designs around your bowls: A charcuterie board looks the most attractive and delicious when it’s complete, so base your design around your bowls. Before placing your ingredients, make sure that you’re happy with your bowl placement. Then lay your ingredients around the bowls and use nuts to fill up the empty spaces for the best visual effects. 
  • Don’t be afraid to use seasonal produce: This gives the board a vibrant freshness that only quality produce can provide. For example, using fresh apples and pumpkins for your Halloween snack plate is much better than only including the usual fare of meats and cheeses. 

Vary the textures and tastes on the board: The spirit of charcuterie is in experimentation—there’s no right or wrong way to do it as long as everyone gets something. You might even find some uncanny combinations that you end up loving long after your party is done!