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November 17th 2021, 10:12 PM
By Perk Hero

Black Friday 2021: 4 Deals You Don’t Want To Miss On Perk Hero

It’s that time of year again—Black Friday 2021. While it’s conventionally the biggest holiday shopping event of the year, you might not be able to find your favourite ethically-sourced and sustainable products in brick-and-mortar shops due to severe supply chain shortages this year. So, why don’t we move it online instead? 

In this article, we’re highlighting four Black Friday deals that you would not want to miss. Don’t forget that you’ll get extra cash backs and savings by simply shopping on Perk Hero, either! 

Marence Canada

Made in Latvia and distributed proudly in Canada, Marence is an organic cosmetic brand that brings wholesome and natural Latvian ingredients to mainstream Canadian skincare. Their proprietary Freshwater Green Mud is not only a one-of-a-kind unspoiled natural resource but also promises to offer your skin the quality of life you won’t get from drugstore products. 

We absolutely love the Marence enzyme peeler for the face and neck—it’s like a safer and more gentle at-home chemical peel. It helps remove dead skin cells and stimulate the process of skin cell renewal, giving you a visibly smoother, more youthful complexion. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are—your skin will feel renewed with improved texture and skin tone with this natural enzyme peeler.   

If you’re looking for something suitable for more mature skin, you won’t go wrong with their anti-ageing system. It consists of three treatments—the anti-ageing cream, anti-age elixir, and eye-lifting cream. These products give your skin the TLC it deserves by moisturizing, lifting, and reducing fine wrinkles.  

Considering how the outer skin around your eyes is one of the first signs of ageing, the Marence eye-lifting cream deserves a special shout-out from us. It enriches your skin with polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3, 6, and 9, creating a lifting effect that also reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. 

Cup of Té

Based in Ontario, Cup of Té is a premier online retailer of loose leaf organic teas and upscale teaware—you know where to get Christmas gifts for the tea addict in your life😉. Not only do they offer unique teas, but their products are filled with health benefits, perfect for the coming cozy weather.    

We’ve always said here in the Perk Hero office: it’s good enough for us if it’s good enough for Oprah. Shortlisted in Oprah’s Favourite Things 2020, the Cup of Té Luxe Organic Tea Set includes six organic and ethically-sourced teas curated for the colder months. If you like decaf blends, you won’t be able to put down their Noms Berry Delight and Zesty Lemon Ginger. But if you’re looking for a coffee substitute, you’ll enjoy the classic Cream of Earl Grey or a more adventurous Cha Cha Chai. All tea blends are packaged in luxurious gold and silver tins for that extra touch of glam. You can, of course, shop their brand new, limited edition 2021 Holiday Collection as well. 

Speaking of gifts for a tea-lover in your life, we strongly recommend getting the Cup of Té luxurious iron cast teapot for the ultimate tea experience. It’s forged out of premium cast iron metal and engraved with elegant Chinese filigree that their guests would just die for. It also comes with a high-end infuser, matching lid, two teacups, and coaster for easy transition from stove to table. It’s available in maroon and gold. 

Cup of Té isn’t just about their tea either. By buying their products for yourself or a friend, you’re indirectly donating $1 to mental health awareness causes around Canada. So why not get yourself a Cup of Té and do some good for the world at the same time? 


Do you know that the name Avazera comes from two separate words—” Ava” for to give life and “Zera” for seed. That’s precisely what Avazera is doing with their brand—planting a seed of wellness in you to help you blossom into the best version you can be through nutrition. In fact, the brand was started because the founders couldn’t find an alternate food source for their baby.

Because of this, every Avazera product is vegan, gluten-free, GMP-free, certified USDA Organic, and ethically sourced. Talking about clean and healthy, we love their Brazil Nuts as a simple and nutritious snack option between busy days. Not only are they energy-dense, but they’re also a great source of Selenium, which is a powerful antioxidant/ cancer risk reducer. 

Besides that, they have a range of nutritious tea blends packed with health benefits, like this After Meal tea that caps off your meal by aiding digestion. We also love their Focus tea, which helps us perform better during a mid-afternoon slump with a dash of ginkgo leaves and turmeric. 

We can go on and on about how amazing Avazera is, but the point is that you really feel the love and care that goes into every product. Not only that, but when you join the Avazera community, you’re also getting the knowledge and expertise of wellness professionals and wellness ambassadors who are using their passion for health and wellness to change the world. 


Okay, we know that gift cards might not get the best rep as gifts. But you have to admit that they’re perfect for that one family member you don’t know how to shop for. Don’t worry—from clothing stores to restaurant deals, Perk Hero has it all!  

With our Black Friday deal, you can get your favourite gift cards without spending the face value amount, like this $99 Nintendo gift card for only $95. Not only that, but you’re also getting bonus Perk Coins that you can use for extra savings in your next purchase. 


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