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June 16th 2021, 11:50 PM
By Perk Hero

Amazon Alternatives: Top 5 Ethical Marketplaces To Shop Sustainably

Raise your hand if Amazon is your go-to online retailer. Now, raise your hand if you’re ready to make more sustainable and eco-conscious choices when getting your household essentials. 

Recently, many consumers are looking to bring their business somewhere more ethical. 

You may ask yourself, where can you get great deals and find everything you want in one single marketplace? Can an ethical marketplace compete with Amazon’s seemingly limitless catalog with suspiciously low prices?

We’ve got some news for you! 

Although the range of products is not as expansive as Amazon’s, many ethical marketplaces offer a great selection of eco-friendly, ethically-sourced pickings. Not only that, but many of these enterprises offer carbon-free shipping, plastic-free packaging, or support sustainable initiatives that leave a positive impact on the world.  

While they’re often more expensive than Amazon products, your support for these businesses means that they can continue to bring sustainable products to the table while changing the world a little at a time. 

Perk Hero

When we’re talking about top ethical marketplaces, Perk Hero is definitely one that you should check out. 

Perk Hero aims to make a positive impact on the world by connecting green local businesses and eco-friendly indie brands to customers who might not be able to reach them. These businesses go through a strict vetting process from our end to make sure that they’re truly ethical and eco-friendly. 

As a one-stop-shop for sustainable and ethically-sourced products, we provide guilt-free convenience to you without supporting unethical business practices by e-commerce moguls. On the Perk Hero marketplace, you’ll find a wide range of organic skincare, food, vegan snacks, handmade artisanal items, and eco-friendly household items that are produced locally by our partners. 

Besides that, we understand that sometimes buying consciously and making the eco-friendly choice might come at a higher cost for you. This is why Perk Hero believes in rewarding you for doing your part in protecting the environment and supporting our green vendors with our cashback program – the more you buy on our platform, the faster you level up, the more rewards you’ll get!


With more than 2.5 million sellers on their platform, Etsy is one of the most well-known maker-to-peer marketplaces. It provides a platform for creative entrepreneurs and businesses to sell their homemade art, eco-friendly jewelry, or custom-made pieces. Besides that, Etsy is also where upcycled clothing and upholstery congregate, giving it an artsy and human vibe that many marketplaces lack. 

Etsy’s philosophy of humanizing commerce does more than just connecting sellers with buyers – they are also very conscious about their carbon footprint and how they affect the world. They offer free 100% carbon offset shipping that comes at no cost to their merchants or buyers. They are also committed to backing policies that improve ecological sustainability and economic empowerment of their sellers.

Better World Books

As a reader, it’s very tempting to stick with Kindle for convenience. But why not give Better World Books a try to create a more positive impact on the world with your reading habits?

Better World Books is more than an online bookstore – it is a certified B-corp that tackles illiteracy and poverty from different angles. For every book bought on Better World Books, a book is donated to someone in need. They also provide preloved books to bookworms, underprivileged children, and thrifters alike at an affordable price. 

Their Better World Books Grant helps underfunded libraries and education non-profit groups combat poverty and illiteracy. Besides that, they are also committed to funding literacy programs, offsetting carbon emission from shipping, and reducing landfills through various initiatives. 


etee is on a mission to develop genuine solutions to help eliminate plastic pollution on Earth. Their solution? Creating eco-friendly products derived from Mother Earth herself. 

etee has come a long way since their first reusable beeswax food wrap. Now, they are an eco-friendly powerhouse that provides a large range of household items like hand lotion bars, zero waste toothpaste tabs, upcycled T-shirt bags, and more. Thanks to an extensive range of products, they’ve helped customers avoid over 100 million pieces of single-use plastic thus far.

To control the amount of waste their own operation produces, etee designs and manufactures most of their in-house products locally. They are also powered by 100% renewable energy.

Pact Apparel

Instead of buying from fast fashion stores, why not start a comfortable capsule wardrobe with eco-friendly cotton basics from Pact Apparel? 

From plant to pants, every step of manufacturing for Pact has a positive impact on the world. For starters, all the clothes are made from organic cotton that is produced and certified to organic agriculture standards. Compared to normal cotton, organic cotton is grown without toxic pesticides and chemicals that harm the soil and water. 

When you buy from Pact, your clothes are packaged with minimal plastic. You can also opt to use carbon offset shipping to minimize your shipment’s carbon footprint. Not only that, but Pact apparel is produced in Fair Trade factories that pay their workers a working wage, provide them a safe environment, and uplift the local community.

Get Rewarded To Change The World

So, here you go – the top 5 ethical marketplaces that actually make a positive impact on the world. 

Like we’ve mentioned, choosing to support eco-friendly businesses can be a bit pricey. This is because ethically-sourced products are more expensive to manufacture. It’s worth it because ultimately you’re supporting a good cause while getting good-quality products that don’t kill the Earth. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to bear the whole cost yourself. 

With Perk Hero, you’re not only benefiting small businesses. You’re also getting cashback and savings that you can redeem in your next purchase with us. With a wide range of organic food items, sustainable lifestyle products, and even digital gift cards on offer, there’s no end to the rewards you can earn with us. Simply sign up with us and start getting rewarded for changing the world today.