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June 23rd 2021, 10:06 PM
By Perk Hero

9 Canadian Brands To Support This Canada Day

Canada Day isn’t only about celebrating our country’s history – it’s also about celebrating the people that make it unique. Especially after such a challenging year, we’re proud to partner with local businesses and entrepreneurs all over Canada that made an effort to keep moving forward and give back to the community in a positive way. 

So, in honour of this special day, we’ve handpicked 9 Canadian brands from our platform that you should support on this Canada Day. From honey to jewelry, there is bound to be something that would check an item off your shopping list. 

  1. MOB Honey

Committed to creating a mutually beneficial environment for bees and humans, Calgary-based MOB Honey uses a small batch extraction method to bring delicious raw honey to your table. Besides retaining all the nutrients in the honey, this method also minimizes the disruptions of harvesting to the hives and ecosystem. 

Queen-bee Amber is constantly experimenting with her honey blends to bring more unique and exciting flavors, like truffle, spicy, and smoked applewood to your table. Her bees forage just east of the Rocky Mountains, creating delightful, 100% Albertan honey that tastes like a mix of dandelion, alfalfa, clover, aster, and canola. 

  1. Remix Snacks

Inspired by the lack of healthy snack options in Canada, then-dietician students Isabelle and Jamie decided to take things into their own hands. Every bar of Bean Bark is made with their special bean blend, 70% Belgian dark chocolate, and imperfect fruit. Not only are they incredibly delicious, but they’re also packed with all the fiber, iron, and protein you need for your daily dietary intake. 

Remix Snacks is also committed to reducing food waste in Canada by opting for perfectly delicious fruit that is usually thrown away for not being pretty enough. If you want to do your part in protecting our earth, why not sink your teeth into these delicious vegan chocolate bars? 

  1. PilKi

PilKi brings the sometimes forgotten flavors of the Quebec terroir to your table with their satisfying and hearty Labrador herbal tea. Every infusion is created with handpicked wild ingredients found in Quebec’s boreal forests and meadows, like rosehip and cranberry infusion or aronia and alder tea. With no caffeine and theanine, you can sip on a delicious rose and chamomile to wind down right before you go to bed. Another upside to PilKi teas is their various health benefits as they contain anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibiotic, and even antitumor properties. 

PilKi is not only great for your collection of exotic teas – but they are also excellent gifts for your friends and family. From the colors, textures, smells to the container, PilKi delivers a wholesome but luxurious experience for the tea connoisseur in your life. 

  1. Wise Men’s Care

Co-founders André and Simon first came into the idea of creating eco-friendly and natural grooming products for men on a barber’s chair when they realized that men’s products hadn’t evolved much in the past years. Using sustainable botanicals found in Canadian maritime and forests, they created products like Sea Kelp soap, Birch Bark shampoo, and organic Hemp Seed conditioners

Natural, healthy, and cruelty-free, this grooming line is perfect for the eco-conscious modern man. Wise Men’s Care also packages its products in reusable glass jars to reduce landfills and unnecessary waste. 

Note: Wise Men’s Care is not vegan due to the inclusion of beeswax for moisturizing and hydrating purposes. 

  1. SCHMEAR Naturals

Like many Canadians, co-founders Kitty and Jeffrey struggled with finding clean and natural skincare for sensitive and acne-prone skin. So, instead of waiting for another product with synthetic ingredients they can’t pronounce, they turned to their kitchen and made their own food-based skincare. 

If you share SCHMEAR Naturals’ philosophy of nourishing your skin from the outside in, you won’t go wrong with their Kale + Spirulina Clarifying Face Mask and Tumeric + Coconut Calming Mask. Not only are they created with high-quality organic fruits and vegetables, but they are also exclusively tested on friends only – no cruelty involved here!

  1. Periwinkle Design

Periwinkle Design is helmed by mom and daughter duo Lisa and Madison. Albeit at a young age, Madison helps her mom create colorful eco-friendly products like beeswax food wraps, 100% reusable cotton pads, and unpaper towels that create a positive impact on the environment. These Vancouver-based makers also hope to inspire others to shift towards a zero-waste lifestyle with more than 30 vibrant and modern designs that fit in or stand out with any home decor. 

  1. Sara’s Soaps and Candles

Sara’s journey into entrepreneurship started with making novelty soaps for her friends and family. After Canada’s 150th birthday, she started making soy candles that remind her of her favorite places in Canada, like the clean, pristine air of the BC mountains or the woody scent she missed when camping in the Ontario woods. Whether you’re looking for scents that set the mood for a date or an introspective aroma for meditation, Sara’s 100% hand-poured soy candles will definitely do the trick for you. 

  1. allBambu

Certified vegan and cruelty-free, allBambu is all about taking small steps at home to promote the larger goal of reducing landfills and pollution in our already fragile ecosystem. They use bamboo to make their products since bamboo is compostable and a great source of renewable materials. 

Using stylish designs, you can transform your home into a green living abode loved by friends and family. To start transitioning into sustainable living, try flossing your teeth with this mint-flavor plant-based floss or maintain dental hygiene with a natural bamboo toothbrush. allBambu also provides bamboo straws to those who are looking for a zero-waste alternative to plastic straws. 

  1. The One Thing Lockets

The One Thing Lockets founder, Setareh, was inspired by the documentary, Living on One Dollar, which portrayed the increasingly isolated nature of the world. You can put ‘the one thing’ that you want to remember into a beautifully made Swarovski and white wood locket to remind yourself to keep going through tough times. You can also send a vintage dragonfly charm necklace or a classic locket and key bracelet to a loved one to rekindle a connection and encouragement. 

The One Thing Lockets employs local moms who feel isolated to provide a sense of sisterhood and community. Besides that, Setareh gives 10% of all sales – in-store and online – to organizations around Canada to support mothers with postpartum depression.


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