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August 4th 2021, 6:24 PM
By Perk Hero

7 New Hobbies And Projects To Start Before The Year Ends

Taking some time to disconnect from the daily grind isn’t an option – it’s an essential part of your workday. With many people still stuck working from home while the rest of our world slowly recovers from the devastating effects of the pandemic, it’s vital to carve out some time to unwind. 

There are plenty of places to begin relaxing, and sometimes your passion might not come directly to you. While we’re not judging you for vegging out on the couch, engaging in new hobbies and interests brings many benefits to your mental wellbeing. Not only that, but you can also give your life a nice little shake-up to keep things fresh. 

  1. Journaling

Journaling is an excellent way to unwind and ponder the most complicated topic in the world – yourself. Writing about what happened during your day or your most profound thoughts can help you unravel some of the complications in your mind. 

If you’re bored of writing about yourself, you can also look up some journaling prompts to help you tap into new areas of your psyche. With the unlined pages of this beautifully hand stitched leather journal, you can also express your creativity by decorating your pages with cute stickers, colours, and doodles. 

(Small Red Journal with Black Accents by Riveted by Design – $75)

  1. Yoga

The mental and physical benefits of yoga have been proven over and over again. Not only does your body feel stronger and more flexible, but you’ll also feel more refreshed and grounded after a good yoga workout. 

If you’re self-conscious about going to a yoga studio or signing up for a class, why not start doing yoga at home or in your backyard? Whether you want to center yourself, lose belly fat, or relieve back pain, there are tons of yoga tutorials online for varying levels of difficulties on YouTube that you can check out. 

With two sets of minimalistic and comfy yoga outfits and mats, the Thrive Pack by Thrive Basics has everything you need to begin your journey to relaxation. 

  1. Freshen Up Your Home Decor

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has blurred the line between your workplace and your home in the past year. If you don’t feel calm and relaxed in your own home, it’s time to give your home a much-needed facelift. 

You can start by rearranging some furniture and giving your living space some focal points that draw your eyes. We’ve also written about some effortless summer decor ideas that might get your inner decorator going. 

Besides that, you can create a safe space within your home that you can retreat to when you’re overwhelmed. Use soothing colours and inspiring wall art that relaxes you. It doesn’t hurt to add a few soft pillows or throw blankets as well for an extra dash of comfort. 

  1. Make Something

DIY isn’t just being your home’s designated handyman – you can also channel your creative energy to create something that you can actually keep. 

There are tons of DIY hobbies that you can make in the comforts of your own home. Knitting and making macrame wall hangings are very popular hobbies that could potentially be a side hustle when you become very good at them. You could also try making candles or soaps. 

But if you’re overwhelmed by the choices, you can buy kits online and start with those. Making bath bombs is a personal favourite for us since you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in a relaxing bath after you put all your love into your project. And bonus: you get special handmade goodies that you can now give to your loved ones while keeping yourself mentally stimulated. 

  1. Try Fermenting 

Fermented foods and drinks are rich in probiotics that enrich your intestinal flora. Simply put, they improve your gut health, which in turn boosts your immune system, skin clarity, and mood. 

If you share our respect for gut-boosting foods, you can try fermenting foods in your kitchen. Kimchi, sauerkraut, and miso paste are popular things to ferment at home with little to no practice. 

For a more refreshing take on fermentation, you can also try making homemade water kefir with kefir grains. With sparkling water as its base, you can infuse it with flavours like blueberry blossom, peppermint and lemongrass, and goji clove for additional health benefits. 

  1. Have Game Nights

While the world is beginning to recover, 2020 has been incredibly isolating for many people. If you’re at-risk or know someone who is, you might not feel like going out to events or restaurants. 

So why not invite close friends and family over for game night instead? 

Having game night is a low-cost way to spend time with your loved ones since all you need are cards or board games. Not only that, but it also gives your guests and you something to bond over without feeling too much social pressure. We recommend having these drinking card games to spice up your night and get to know your guests on a very personal level. You can even make some fantastic summer drinks to cement your position as the best host ever! 

  1. Start A Business

Maybe friends and family keep coming back for your cookies. Perhaps you’re just a lean, mean knitting machine. Or you’re good at balancing your cheque book. No matter what it is, there has to be something that you’re exceptional at doing.  

With plenty of platforms supporting gig workers, you can turn your passion into profit by really honing into what you can do. We, for one, are always looking for excellent handcrafted or eco-friendly products to stock our virtual shelves, so contact us for more information if you’re interested in becoming our partner. 

Save More, Spend Less

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