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July 21st 2021, 6:21 PM
By Perk Hero

7 Amazing Women-Owned Business On Perk Hero

According to the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, women account for almost 37% of self-employed Canadians. So even though it’s not International Women’s Month, there’s no reason not to recognize the #girlboss on Perk Hero right now. 

But if you need some inspiration, here are seven incredible female-owned businesses on Perk Hero.

7 Awesome Women-Owned Business On Perk Hero

Iraba Cosmetics

Therese Karitanyi had always had messy and curly hair kept short or buzzed when she was young. But as she grew older, she wanted to keep her hair long, which prompted her to dive deep into scientific research and personal experimentation to find the best ways to care for long curls. 

Now, Therese brings the fruit of her labour to you through Iraba Cosmetics. With products ranging from shampoo to headbands, she offers her curly-haired customers fuss-free, practical, and natural hair care for the modern woman. 

If you want a one-stop solution for perfect curls, the Iraba Cosmetics 7-piece set contains everything you need to achieve any style you want. You can also buy the products separately, including this fantastic natural fragrance-free styling gel and teasing sleeking brush.

The Rose Company

The story behind The Rose Company began when co-founders Mady and Becka were young. 

Rose, their late mother, taught her daughters to be aware of their food and the products they use. Because of this, the Vancouver-based sisters create non-toxic, vegan products from locally sourced ingredients.

Their products use very few ingredients, like this Rose Water Toner only contains rose water, witch hazel, and rose otto, which naturally relieves common skin problems like redness and irritation. They even managed to make typically chemical-filled products like dry shampoo more natural (the Vanilla Cocoa Dry Shampoo is a Perk Hero favourite if you’d like to check it out 😉). 

Following Rose’s plastic-free philosophy, Mady and Becka package their products in 100% recyclable and compostable carbon paper tubes.  


If you like cute stationery that makes you smile, you’d probably like the handcrafted collection created by Diana and Erica. 

Craftedvan started in October 2013 on Etsy, but Diana and Erica’s history with handicraft goes way back. Best friends for almost 15 years, this Vancouver-based duo strives to spread love in the world with their magnetic bookmarks, magnets, and cards. 

Taking inspiration from the world around them and their customers’ favourite things, Diana and Erica have handcrafted a series of adorable COVID-inspired greeting cards to cheer up their customers. We also love this Coffee Addict fridge magnet that would make even the most grumpy morning person smile. If you can’t have a pet in your building, why not adopt a French Bulldog magnetic bookmark? It’s the next best thing… right? 

Wall + Wonder

Are your walls feeling a bit bare? Then it’s time to add some wonder into your interior decor. 

Lisa Pineau is a woman with many roles – owner, curator, designer, and mom of two. Besides her children, this Halifax-based entrepreneur loves being creative and helping homeowners infuse personality into their homes more than anything. 

She believes that your home should be an extension of who you are, which is why she works tirelessly to source the latest designs for her customers. 

We love this subtle yet eye-catching modern abstract eucalyptus print set that ties your entire room together. If you need to brighten up your room, this botanical print set in white will give you the pop of colour a dark room needs. 

hunny b.

Guess what the b. stands for 😉! Based in Vancouver, BC, Brianna Neely is the driving force behind natural beauty brand hunny b. 

After a decade-long bout with chronic pain, she decided to heed her mum’s words and start taking care of herself by purging non-organic skincare products from her life – starting from making lip balms. 

Her natural lip balms are made with locally sourced bee-based products that support both urban beekeeping and bee farms in her community. Out of the seven lip balms she has listed on Perk Hero, we love the citrus coconut flavour the most. For a bolder look, try the new merlot tinted lip balm

Nabeela Rumi

Nabeela first got the idea of starting an art business when she was painting with her daughters.

Originally from India, Nabeela’s art is heavily inspired by Mother Nature, house plants, and travel. With a vibrant and contrasting art style, she gives even the dullest room a pop of colour that it needs. 

Her Parrot and Boat print is one of our favourites as it brings a tropical vibe to any room you hang it in. We also love her Lotus Pond print for its calm yet happy feel. But if you’re looking for something that would go with any room’s decor, we would strongly recommend getting her Peach and Gray Pots or Seashells and Mermaid.  

Green Room

The idea for Green Room started on Green Room founder Dani’s Baja surfing trip in her camper van. 

With a limited amount of space and no way to dispose of garbage properly, she quickly learned to be hyper-aware of the waste she creates while travelling. So, she took matters into her own hands and made multi-use, sustainably-packaged body care products. 

Besides that, all of the products from the Green Room are made of natural ingredients. Yeap, even this Tuff Stuff Tinted Covering Cream – y’know, the reef-friendly sunscreen designed to provide UV protection without coming off. 

If you’re feeling the wanderlust, why not opt for the eco-friendly and low-waste body care product line from Green Room? She also offers other sustainable bathroom accessories and body care products like a safety razor + shave bar bundle, soap saver bag, and shampoo and conditioner bars

The planet and your skin will thank you! 


Do you know what else will thank you for shopping on Perk Hero? Your pockets. 
Perk Hero not only partners up with unique female-led businesses but also rewards you for shopping with us. Every dollar you spend is worth so much more since you earn Perk Coins that convert to extra savings for future purchases. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!