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September 29th 2021, 5:26 PM
By Perk Hero

6 Unique Gift Ideas For The Special Men In Your Life

Buying the perfect gift for men is notoriously difficult. 

There’s your dad, who swore up and down that he doesn’t need anything. Or a boyfriend/ partner with eclectic and sometimes expensive tastes. Your not-so-baby brother who still somehow forgot to send his wishlist to you. 

We’ve all been there – the feeling of despair and desperation during the holiday and birthday season is all too familiar. But before you resort to ties and wallets, why not give us a chance to help you pick out a unique gift for that special man in your life? 

Red Maple Cream Pomade (60ml) by Wise Men’s Care

The Red Maple Cream Pomade is perfect for eco-conscious men who love their hair as much as the environment. 

Infused with Red Maple Bark extract, it has a natural woodsy, herbal scent reminiscent of the vast Canadian wilderness. That’s not the only natural ingredient in this medium-hold pomade wax – its entire formulation is made of organic and cruelty-free ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, and shea & cocoa butter. It’s also paraben-free, sulfate-free, and contains no artificial fragrances and colors.

This organic pomade wax holds his hair in place without looking too stiff or shiny, giving you that effortlessly stylish look. It also moisturizes, nourishes, and protects his hair throughout the day. 

Besides that, it’s also great for the environment as all the ingredients are ethically-sourced. Packaged in a reusable glass jar, he can reduce plastic waste while looking fabulous. 

Screw It, Let’s Do It! by Board Siblings

If you’re at a loss at what to get your partner, why not get something that you can both enjoy together? 

The premise is simple: each player draws a card from the deck and follows the instructions on the card. If you refuse to do the task, you have to take a shot. Takes you back to the good ol’ college days, doesn’t it?

The Screw It, Let’s Do It! card game is perfect for spontaneous men who are not afraid of doing ridiculous things for a laugh. It contains 50 playing cards that range from innocent dares to more risque and potentially friendship-ruining ones.

The fun doesn’t stop here! The makers of this fun drinking card game, Board Siblings, also offer a bundle of fun drinking games for $125. You can use games like ‘Spill The Beans’ to get the T in girl’s night or ‘Shots Up’ to amp up any game nights that you go to. 

With these fun drinking games, you are virtually guaranteed to have a night you won’t forget – or remember if you play your cards wrong. 

*Perk Hero does not condone reckless drinking. Please play and drink responsibly for maximum fun and zero consequences. 

Annual Sock Subscription by Whalley Finch

Any good outfit would not be complete without snazzy socks. 

These 200-needle socks are made for every occasion – from breeze spring mornings to cold winter nights and dressy black-tie events. Made from premium combed cotton yarn, they are made for ultimate comfort, style, and durability. No more heel holes. No more exposed toes. No more boring designs. 

All you need to do is to choose any four collections to get a curated box of 12 premium men’s socks delivered to your doorstep. You can also stop your subscription whenever during the year. 

And we get it – a year’s worth of socks can be a huge commitment. In that case, you can try a quarterly sock subscription for four pairs of premium socks. But with the quality you get for your money, that special man in your life will never go back to Walmart socks ever again.

Autumn Gaze Bow Ties by ho. and co.

Nothing says dapper and unique quite like a bow-tie. After all, ties go to work, and bow ties go to parties.

This mustard-colored bow tie is the perfect accessory for weddings, birthdays, and graduations…. Regardless of where you’re going, this little bow-tie is sure to jazz up your outfit and add a personal flair to your style. 

Made with love by ho. and co. from Vancouver, each bow-tie is individually made with 100% cotton with adjustable neck straps using easy-to-use sliders. Every piece is just slightly and uniquely different since the pattern is completely hand-cut. 

If you’re not into bow ties, ho. and co. also has a cool selection of pocket squares and other quirky bow ties.

LapPad GO by The Wellness Hut

The LapPad GO Mobile Workstation is the perfect gift for men who just cannot stop working (I’m looking at you, Dan). 

Made from strong Canadian-manufactured poplar and hand-finished in Montreal, this mobile laptop desk is the ideal blend of functionality and style. It’s optimized to hold all your gadgets – a 13” laptop, a phone, a tablet, and a mouse. It even has a built-in mouse pad, pass-through ports for charging cables, and a CNC-Milled Laptop Ventilation to help disperse heat. 

It’s also lightweight and travel-friendly – you can pack it easily into a backpack or a carry-on suitcase. With this portable laptop desk at your disposal, you can work on-the-go as much as you want without being uncomfortable ever again. 

Gift Cards 

Gift cards get a lot of flak for being lazy and impersonal. But that’s just because the gifter didn’t pick the right gift card for the receiver. 

When you think about it, gift cards can free your receiver up to actually buy something that they like. Not only that, but it also spares you the pain and hours of research to get the perfect gift for your beau or your dad. Instead of giving an actual gift, you’d be giving them an experience that they’ll remember and cherish. 

Nintendo, Playstation, restaurant gift certificates, and Expedia gift cards are just some of the examples of the wide range of popular gift cards available on Perk Hero. 

Besides that, you’d also be doing your wallet a huge favor by buying online gift cards and other gifts from Perk Hero. Unlike most major retailers, you get cashbacks and rewards by buying gift cards from Perk Hero. So why not do yourself a favor and sign up with Perk Hero while you’re getting gifts for your family?