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August 25th 2021, 9:07 PM
By Perk Hero

6 Healthy Packaged Snacks That Your Child Would Love

We get it—you really want to make nutritious homemade snacks for your kids every day, but between chores and work, you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. So why not get some healthy packaged snacks for your kids? 

There are tons of healthy packaged snacks for kids on Perk Hero. With these nourishing and yummy alternatives, you can curb snack-induced sugar highs and expand their palettes at the same time. Not to mention becoming their new favourite parent!

nud fud Cheezy Crackers

Cheese crackers are a lunchbox classic, but they’re not exactly known for being super healthy. So instead of using store-bought cheese crackers, why not substitute them for a cleaner and more sophisticated version? 

The nud fud Cheezy Crackers are the definition of clean and healthy. Every crunch is packed with protein, vitamin B, and flavour using a vegan recipe with organic ingredients.

Gluten-free, paleo, nut-free, and non-GMO, these cheesy crackers are food allergy safe and approved by little picky eaters everywhere. They’re even dairy-free since the cheese flavour is created with nutritional yeast and sunflower seed! 👍

Speaking of which, did you know that nutritional yeast has long been used as a cheese substitute for vegans? Not only does it create the taste of cheese, but it’s also a reliable source of protein and vitamin B that’s great for your kids’ development. You can also use them as a healthy crouton alternative for your salads and soups. 

But if your kids are not fans of cheesy crackers, nud fud offers a range of delicious healthy chips, like these BBQ sweet potato chips and original flavoured sweet potato chips

GnuSanté gnubees™ Juice Packs

You might think that juice is better than soda, but most juice boxes on the market are filled with sugar—not great if you don’t want to run after your children all the time. 

That’s why you would want these GnuSanté gnubees™ juice packs in your kids’ lunch boxes instead. 

Made of organic ingredients, gnubees™ juice packs provide all the nutrients without any sugar. Not only that, but your kids get 6g of protein, 3g of fibre, and about 15% of their daily magnesium and calcium intake in one single juice pack. Our favourite is definitely the deliciously tropical Mango Tango, but the juice packs also come in raspberry and banana

Made for kids, the gnubees™ juice packs are packaged in resealable flexible pouches that are both kid-proof and environmentally friendly. 

Oh! Naturals Chocolate Banana Chip

Potato chips are more popular children’s snacks, but why not give them some delicious chocolate-flavoured banana chips instead? 

Made of 100% organic mini bananas, the Oh! Naturals Chocolate Banana Chips are a great source of potassium, magnesium, fibre, and iron. With the natural sweetness of banana and rich chocolate notes, each bite is a treat for kids AND adults.

Like its name implies, Oh! Naturals are committed to bringing healthy and delicious snacks to their customers. All their products are prepared with a method that reduces oil and grease while bringing out the natural flavour of wholesome ingredients. 

But if chocolate banana chips don’t sound good to you or your kids, Oh! Naturals offer a selection of other snacks. We’d recommend Chili & Lime Sweet Potato Fries and Strawberry Banana Chips for some variety in your kid’s snack box.  

nud fud Chocolate Covered Chewy Banana

Kids love candy, but they’re usually not the best type of snacks for your kids. That’s very true—if you didn’t pick the right sweets for your kids.  

The nud fud Chocolate-Covered Chewy Bananas contain only two ingredients—dried bananas and a thin chocolate coating. We love how minimal the recipe is since it brings out the natural sweetness of the bananas with the slight bitterness of raw cacao. 

The best thing of all? This little treat is sweet enough to satiate your kids’ love for sugar without overloading them. Instead, it contains a good amount of vitamin C, iron, and fibre. 

The nud fud Chocolate Covered Chewy Bananas are great as a midday pick-me-up snack or a healthy post-workout snack. nud fud also offers a selection of keto-friendly snacks

AW Organics Stone-Ground Mystery Butter

Instead of your regular ol’ peanut butter, using some healthy plant-based nut butter for your kids’ sandwiches would be a much healthier option. 

AW Organics produces a range of vegan nut butter made entirely of wholesome and delicious ingredients, like their tasty hazelnut chocolate spread and a delightful maple walnut butter. Our favourite, though, is the mystery butter, which is also unsurprisingly one of their bestsellers. 

Everything in the mystery butter is delicious and nutritious on its own, from the organic almonds and coconut to the mildly toasted pumpkin seeds. Using a slow stone-grounding method, all the nutrients in the ingredients are retained. Not only that, but the final product is also less oily and greasy. 

Koba Chocolate Chip Cashew Granola Bars

Not all granola bars are created the same. Since they are typically calorie-dense snacks (to replenish energy after workouts), many brands amp up the sugar and fat content.  

Not the Koba Chocolate Chip Cashew Granola Bar, though! It’s made with only five ingredients with no additives. With a rolled oats base, this nutritious granola bar has a sweet and savoury taste using milk chocolate chips, organic coconut oil, and roasted cashews. Not only that but it’s also sweetened with 100% ethically-harvested Canadian honey. 

Every Koba granola bar contains only 160 calories and is made fresh to order. For a more grown-up flavour, try the Koba Peanut Butter Sea Salt Granola Bar or the Almond Cranberry Granola Bar—they are to die for!

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