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April 1st 2021, 6:30 PM
By Perk Hero

5 Alternative Easter Gift Basket Ideas

From setting up egg hunts to making a full Sunday lunch, Easter can be a very trying time for many people. Instead of filling your Easter baskets with unhealthy cookies and overly-sweet chocolate, why not make alternative gift baskets full of goodies they’d actually use?

By putting a little thought and care into your gifts this year, even adults with the most sophisticated tastes will find delight in your Easter baskets.

The Spa Day Gift Basket

We all know someone like this – the frazzled mom who needs a break from her kids, the workaholic who hasn’t had a vacation in three years, the frugal fancy-pants who would just love a home spa…

Picture a luxurious spa experience delivered to your special person in your life. They can relax in the tub with the scent of lavender soy-based candles wafting in the background and a soothing Hibiscus + Pomegranate antioxidant face mask on their face. Try these eco-friendly bamboo plastic-free bath puffs for maximum comfort with zero-waste. Or enjoy some hair-pampering with an organic shampoo bar, a high-quality bamboo hairbrush, and some vanilla cocoa dry shampoo.

If you’re not into our gift ideas, you can also check out pre-assembled organic gift sets from Bearhug National, like the Lavender Spa Gift Set and the Quarantine and Chill Gift Set.

The Tea Lover Gift Basket

To quench your friend’s thirst for relaxing tea time, consider including a high-temperature glass teapot set, a discovery tea kit from PilKi, and even a portable tea bottle into your tea-tastic Easter gift basket. Better yet, they can enjoy a tasty brew in funny tea mugs at home to remind them of you when they take a sip of their morning tea. If a lavish tea basket is not your friend’s cup of tea, this $50 Davids Tea gift card will get them any type of tea they desire.

The Organic Foodie Gift Basket

Organic gift baskets can be very difficult to assemble if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, Perk Hero offers a bunch of organic snacks, vegan treats, and candy that are healthy and yummy. How about a selection of raw, vegan dark chocolate, delicious mystery nut butter, and healthy coconut oils that elevate every recipe in your eco-friendly tote bag for a gift basket idea?

If you’re feeling especially generous, why not get your friend (or yourself) this gorgeous 3-quart cast iron dutch oven for scrumptious and healthy meals? 

The Eco-friendly Household Gift Basket

For friends and family who like to protect the Earth, here are some gift ideas for a DIY eco-friendly Easter basket. 

Every green household needs this 3-piece set of cedar soap dishes and sustainably ethical coconut bowls. If your recipient is an aspiring cook, you can also include a set of colorful beeswax food wraps and a large vegetable preservation bag to keep their vegetables crisp and fresh without the use of plastic. And why not spruce up their home décor with a lil’ succulent while you’re at it?

The Traveler’s Easter Basket

This is not exactly the best time to travel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remind your friends of better jet-setting times with a travel-inspired gift basket?

With a set of travel-sized organic skincare by Eminence Organics, traveling has never looked so good. For the environmentally-conscious traveler, opt for a travel cutlery set and a 10-piece eco-friendly reusable tumbler that helps reduce waste while they see the world. You can also customize the tumbler and straw with five trendy colors for a truly unique gift. And to wrap it all up, why not put your gifts in a stylish drawstring bag that doubles as a small travel backpack?

How To Make Alternative Easter Baskets For Your Loved Ones?

Photo by shawnee wilborn on Unsplash 

Keep your friends’ interests in mind when brainstorming gift ideas

Conventional treats and sweets aren’t good enough for alternative gift baskets. For this to work, you need to take inspiration from your recipient’s life, needs, and interests. For example, if your friends are into healthy living, you can give them organic gift baskets or vegan snack baskets. If they like to spend time with their family, your gift ideas should gear towards bonding activities or games that they can share with their kids.

Try not to use plastic

There are tons of biodegradable and eco-friendly materials that you can use to fill out your basket without harming Mother Earth. Besides that, why not opt for reusable tote bags or a sturdy wicker basket to substitute plastic Easter baskets? This way, your baskets would be part of a gift that your recipient can repurpose and you can do your part in saving the Earth – it’s a win-win solution!

Fill your basket with organic goodies

When you think about the sugar content and preservatives, store-bought candy and chocolate instantly become less appealing. But if you’re in the mood to get healthier, many indie retailers offer a huge selection of raw chocolate, vegan snacks, and treats that are healthy and yummy.

Bonus Gift Ideas!

Making organic gift baskets does require a good amount of effort. So, if you’re not in the mood for that, here are some bonus gift ideas for Easter.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoy our gift ideas – we certainly had a lot of fun curating them. 

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On behalf of everyone from Perk Hero, happy Easter!