Tilting concrete pot

Materials: concrete, cement, artisan white concrete, felt pad Dimensions: Height: 7 Centimetres; Width: 12 Centimetres; Depth: 6 Centimetres Description: Large handmade geometric succulent planter made of concrete fits all medium sized indoor plants such as cacti, and succulents. This pot can be tilted on sides. Recommended plant size is 4" for this pot. It can fit larger indoor plants though. This pot has a wide opening which can fit big plants such as echeveria, string of pearls, and other indoor plants. This planter has a drainage hole. This pot can be tilted on sides for showing plants even in more beautiful way. This feature is perfect for string of pearls. White Color Versions: 1. Pigmented white (White in option) which grey concrete is used with premium quality white pigment to create white pots. 2. Bone white artisan cement (Bone White in option) which natural concrete color is white. This cement has high quality and it is used for sculpting. Holes on each concrete based product are inevitable and they are part of its character and uniqueness. There are felt pads at the bottom of the planter to protect the surface of your furniture against any damage. Plant in photo is not included. ------------------------------ Planter Dimensions: Height: 7 cm (2.75") Width: 12 cm (4.72") Opening Diameter: 6.2 cm (2.5") Opening depth: 6 cm (2.36") Weight: 600 gr ------------------------------

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Tilting concrete pot