Share and Earn

Now, take advantage of Perk Hero’s Share and Earn Program. It’s super simple! Just share products and exclusive discounts to your friends and family members using social media, chat apps and online interactions. They save money while you earn commissions for everything they buy!

Share and Earn is a simple money-making program. There is NO-threshold, NO-cost, and NO-difficulty for all users to earn cash back rewards every day with just one share click. The commissions are calculated based on the price and gross margin of the merchandise shared, up to 30% commission is possible.

The more you share, the more you earn!

How does it work?

You share a link to a product in the Perk Hero app with a friend.

Your friend purchases the item and saves and earns cash back rewards.

You earn cash back rewards.

Refer friends to earn money in 3 simple steps:    


Download the Perk Hero app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. In the Perk Hero app, select a product that you would like to refer.


Pick the product & discount you like and click the “Share” button to share with your friends or family members through any social media, chat app, text or any way you like.


They get advice on what to buy from you and save on the purchase. If one of your friends places an order through the app by clicking on the product link you have sent from the app, you will earn cash back rewards for what they buy.

How do I share a product?

That’s easy! In the app, you can send a link by clicking on the “Share” icon in the top right hand corner on the product page. It will pull up a prompt where you can share the product by sending a link or a QR code poster.