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Carbon Umbrella + Pebblebee Finder 2.0

Locating your umbrella is easier than ever with the Pebblebee Finder. The Finder is a premium tier Key and Phone finder featuring a loud internal speaker, LED light, and one of the longest ranges on the market. With a replaceable battery and sleek stainless steel ring, the Finder combines premium styling with long lasting durability.

Lolita's Scented Sample Pack

Our Candles are meant be experienced! So here is an Sample Tea Light Pack so you can do exactly that, get  nice and cozy and help you decide what Scent is the perfect match for you! Choose 6 Scents from our current available pours. Details Free Shipping Each Tea Light last approximately 2 hrs The throw of these candles won't be as strong as a full size candle No discount codes Shipped by Letter mail/Canada Post/No Tracking Number

Clarity Soy Candle - 14oz

Clarity: the quality of transparency or purity (d) Scents: A blend of lemon, lavender, geranium, grapefruit and rose. Hand poured using 100% soy wax in Toronto, Canada. 13 oz / 80+ hours

Tea Lover's Bottle

Tea brewing cannot get any easier with this Tea Lover's Bottle. Simply flip the bottle upside down to infuse, and flip back once you reach the desired level of infusion. The thoughtful design separates your tea leaves from your tea, giving you an effortless and enjoyable drink. Sip your tea cold or hot anytime you like as this bottle can keep the temperature of your drinks constant for up to 12 hours.  [#size] Small: Width: 6.8cm | Height: 19.5cm | Capacity: 330ml Large: Width: 6.8cm | Height: 21.8cm | Capacity: 400ml [/size] [#other] Materials Materials: Polypropylene, Tritan (BPA free plastic), ABS plastic, Stainless Steel, Silicone Care Do not place in dish washer, microwave Wash prior to use  Ensure tight fastening of lids to prevent spilling or leaking [/other]

Resolute Yoga Mat

Stability is the key to all things in life. Resolute’s double-layer grip provides you with the balance needed to stay focused while practicing the art of yoga. The quality materials help your yoga sessions feel inviting rather than intimidating, making it easier to clear your mind and thrive every day. Curated and selected by our team, we made no compromises when it came to bringing you the perfect yoga mat.  Materials: Thermoplastic Elastomer [#size] Short Mat: Width: 183cm | Height: 61cm | Thickness: 6mm Long Mat: Width: 184cm | Height: 80cm | Thickness: 6mm [/size]

Go With The Flow Food Container

Collapse it and bring it in your bag. Expand it whenever you need to use it, and simply collapse it again once you're done. Go With The Flow food container is the perfect choice to carry on the go, without having to worry about the limited space in your bag. [#size] Width: 20cm | Height: 8cm | Length: 15.5cm | Capacity: 800ml [/size] [#other] Materials Materials: Silicone, Plastic Care Microwave short time with lid, long time without lid Oven-safe without lid Lid: -20 °c~+120°c Container: -40°c~+230°c Do not place near fire/ flames Do not wash using hot/ boiling water for long periods of time Do not place near sharp objects Prior to use, wash with soap and warm water Hold tight to the top of the bottle when opening, drinking and closing to prevent spilling. [/other]

All Season Insulated Jug

This All Season Insulated Jug will be your best buddy. Whether you like your drinks cold or hot, it can keep the temperature constant for prolonged periods of time. Its minimalist design will surely blend in with the style of your home and space.    [#size] Base width: 16.5cm | Height: 17.5cm | Capacity: 1L [/size] [#other] Materials Materials: Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Silicone Care Do not place in dish washer, microwave Do not use for storing of dairy products or baby food for long periods of time Wash prior to use  Ensure tight fastening of lid to prevent spilling or leaking Add a cup of hot water to the jug for preheating to achieve better effects of keeping a warm temperature [/other]

The Origamist Water Bottle

Water takes the shape of wherever it’s taken. The Origamist is no different. Designed to be as flexible as you are, the compact and minimalist approach is at the heart of its blueprint. Ready at any moment, the foldable design lets you keep organized after staying refreshed. Its high-quality, reusable features reflect the same cycle water goes through in nature. [#size] Small: Width: 7cm | Height: 15cm | Capacity: 400ml Large: Width: 7cm | Height: 19.5cm | Capacity: 600ml [/size] [#other] Materials Materials: Silicone, Plastic Care The recommended beverage temperature is below 50 degrees Celsius Do not place near fire/ flames Do not wash using hot/ boiling water for long periods of time Do not place near sharp objects Prior to use, wash with soap and warm water Hold tight to the top of the bottle when opening, drinking and closing to prevent spilling. [/other]

Brave Smart Jumping Rope

More than just your average jumping rope, the Brave Smart Jumping Rope helps you stay on track with your fitness goals. Keep track of your jumps through Brave's smart display on the handle, or link your jumping rope with the connected app to plan and make progress with your own fitness goals. Display: Display screen on the handle & in-app display Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 Materials: Steel wire core; Polyurethane exterior Battery: Built-in lithium-ion battery; Micro-USB Charging Accessories: Micro-USB Charging Cable; Storage bag [#size] Product Weight: 139g (excluding the rope itself) Rope Length: 3m (adjustable) [/size]

Day & Night Pillow

This Day & Night Pillow is perfect for power naps during the day, but you can also use it for sleep at night if you like. Made with high quality latex from Thailand, this pillow is softer than your usual pillow. Use it all year long, and any time of the day.  [#size] Width: 30cm | Length: 50cm | Height: 5cm [/size] [#other] Product Details Materials: 90% Latex (Pillow); 68% Cotton (Pillow Case); 32% Viscose (Pillow Case) Care Only pillow case should be washed and cleaned Do not place under direct sunlight [/other]

The Supernatural Towel

Featuring strong absorption capacity and anti-static materials, The Supernatural is a multipurpose towel made perfect for gym workouts, yoga practices, swimming, or after showers. Materials: Polyester Fiber [#size] Large: Width: 150cm | Height: 75cm Small: Width: 75cm | Height: 38cm [/size]

Sweet Dreams Pillow Case

Have your luxurious, beauty sleep with this Sweet Dreams Pillow Case. Let the silkiness bring you to your sweetest dreams every night. This high quality mulberry silk material is breathable and easy for your delicate skin.  [#size] Width: 48cm | Length: 74cm  [/size] [#other] Product Details Materials:  Top layer: 100% Mulberry Silk Bottom layer: 30% Mulberry Silk; 70% Cotton Care Hand wash with maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius Machine wash with delicate cycle and maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius Dry clean only with professional dry cleaners  Dry flat in shade  Iron with extra layer on top and temperature between 60 to 110 degrees Celsius [/other]