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Milk is a good source of protein, calcium, and it even includes nutrients such as vitamin B12. The chances are you’re consuming milk daily, but did you ever wonder if there’s a way to improve the milk and its taste? If you’re one of the people who drink coffee with milk, you’ll love Mood Milk products. Mood Milk is a company that came up with a brilliant idea of combining milk with the most favorite coffee type latte. What started as a mission to help and teach people to listen to their bodies lead to the way to reconnect people with their bodies without having to sacrifice their needs and desires. Mood Milk is all about self-love and self-care and this isn’t just another beverage company that only cares about the profits. Instead, Mood Milk is here, not only to provide a great solution for your body but also to stress the importance of your wellbeing. That’s how Mood Milk was born and from that point, the superfood latte was invented! But what is a superfood latte, you might wonder? Superfood latte is a product that blends Mood Milk’s mission to provide a self-care ritual to everyone at a very affordable price point. The owner of Mood Milk, a holistic nutritionist Liza Martinenko, produced a formula that combines superfoods and botanicals. Needless to say, you’ll nourish your body at every sip. And what are the options? You can get Mood Milk in 4 different options: • Beet Chai Latte Blend • Spiced Vanilla Latte Blend • Coconut Matcha Latte Blend • Golden Latte Blend What’s interesting is that each blend comes in a different color so your color drinks could be anything from red, light blue, green, or even yellow. Not only does Mood Milk taste great, but it also looks photogenic in any mug of your choice. If you’re not sure which blend you would like to try first, Mood Milk also offers a sampler that includes all 4 blend samples so you can find out which blend do you like the most. All you have to do is choose the taste you prefer and use it to make yourself a tasty smoothie, iced drink, or frothy latte. But what we like the most is that you add these blends to your favorite food and not only improve the taste but improve the nutritional value without consuming too many calories. Each blend is made using only superfoods and adaptogens.  Superfoods include nutrition-dense organic items that include antioxidants, vitamins, or other healthy nutrients. Adaptogens are a herb class but they also include mushrooms and minerals which combine well with the superfoods. Therefore, every blend is made from organic ingredients and no matter which bend you choose, you’ll love to hear that it’s a great fit for vegans. Along with the variety of blends, you can purchase a Mood Milk frother which is very portable and easy to use, and yet it’s very efficient which makes it a great investment if you fall in love with any of the blends. On top of that, you can buy a Mood Milk gift card if you would like to spread the good word about the blends yet you’re unsure which one would be their favorite. Gift cards also make a great gift to anyone who’s on a healthy lifestyle journey as these blends can help bring a much-needed blend of nutrients at once. One thing we like about Mood Milk (and we think is unique) is that they do a monthly virtual workshop where you can join and discover something new for yourself and about your body from wellness experts in the industry. The workshops are free to join and they’re a perfect way to spend an afternoon with your favorite Mood Milk blend. Another thing we like about Mood Milk is that they’re not only helping its customers, but they are also helping the ones in need by supporting a different charity every month. Therefore, you will love spending every moment, not only interacting with Mood Milk but also trying out and using the Mood Milk blends. We are not sure about you, but Mood Milk looks like a great alternative to latte coffee. What do you think? Needless to say, you should get the Mood Milk Sampler and thank us later! One more thing, if you’re looking to benefit even more as you nourish your body with some great products, here’s what you need to do! Purchase your Mood Milk products through Perk Hero and you’ll be able to get awesome rewards, save more money in the long run, and even earn cashbacks! Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity, so sign up today!