MOB Honey

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Gluten-freeAll Natural Alberta Honeybees
Want to indulge in a delicious treat while giving something back to the environment? That’s what MOB Honey is all about. Made for people like you, who appreciate the earth and all its beauty, MOB Honey is built on a commitment to making the world a better place. For everything the brand takes from this wonderful planet, it gives something back. MOB Honey is not just honey virtuosos, but champions of their local pollinators, dedicated to keeping them safe and healthy over the years. After all, Canadian bees are MOB’s most valuable business partners.  Buying your own jar of MOB honey couldn’t be more satisfying.   - The Woman Behind MOB Honey -   MOB Honey strives to make products that ignites the senses and fills you with delight. Small batch extraction makes every delightful taste so much more special. By only taking small amounts from each hive, MOB Honey reduces disruption to the natural ecosystem. It all starts with the founder of the company, who just like you, has a passion for our planet. Amber, MOB Honey’s Queen Bee, shares your appreciation of the natural ecosystem that makes the world so incredible. She designed her business not just to bring tasty honey to her customers, but to enrich the food industry from the inside out. For years, Amber focused on perfecting her beekeeping skills, before finally launching her own company (My Own Business: MOB) in 2018. She partners with businesses that share the same joy and appreciation for great taste and environmental protection. When you buy a jar of MOB Honey, you become part of a bee-autiful community. Every consumer of MOB Honey gets to experience a unique, complex, and raw flavour that’s 100% Albertan, and completely natural. On top of that, you get to say you’re giving something back to the environment. Today, the MOB Honey brand is a testament to all things natural, and a wonderful insight into the ecosystem that keeps our planet thriving.   - All Natural, All Delicious - Many big-chain grocery stores destroy the benefits of your honey before you ever get to taste it. The majority of honey on your shelf is damaged by extensive processing. For a unique and natural honey experience, you need a dedicated local provider. MOB provides state-of-the-art unpasteurized honey that maintains its organic health properties. Raw and natural honey open the door to everything from protection from inflammation to reducing allergies. Within their wild raw honey, you’ll discover unique flavors, ranging from dandelion and alfalfa to clover, canola, and aster.    Thanks to close relationships with Canada Post, MOB Honey can ensure that your honey gets to you as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can pick up your own honey and reduce your impact on the environment.   Whether it’s collecting and safely moving bees to protect the local population or offering pickup options to reduce your carbon footprint, this is a company dedicated to saving the world, one bee at a time.  Shop MOB Honey and other great brands on Perk Hero – you get rewards and cashback when you buy through the app. Register today to start saving more money. Save money, earn rewards, and get amazing cashbacks when buy MOB Honey on Perk Hero. Sign up today!