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Everyone processes food differently, but if you have issues digesting your food, this can lead to an unhealthy gut. Having gut problems means that your body has difficulty processing food and even eliminating waste. Happy Gut Pro is a company with a mission of fixing the imbalances and stress in modern life that leads to and causes gut problems. If you’ve been trying different solutions and nothing has happened so far, Happy Gut Pro has the right products that can help your gut. The founder of Happy Gut Pro learned about the great ingredient by accident. What started as only an immunity-boosting product has turned into a product that can improve the gut’s health. Being aware of the superior results, Happy Gut Pro founder knew that she has to share this with everyone who wants to boost their immunity or improve their gut’s health. Through trial and error, the Happy Gut Pro founder started improving the making process of water kefir before being released to the public. Therefore, Happy Gut Pro’s main product is the water kefir. The company supplies everything from home fermentation kits and live water kefir grains to various products infused with kefir. These are some of the Happy Gut Pro’s most popular products: • Water Kefir Home Fermentation Kit (with grains included) • Live Water Kefir Grains • Water Kefir Home Fermentation Ultimate Starter Kit • Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains • Goji Clove Flavouring Infusion • Various soaps Water kefir is alive and sparkling probiotic beverage that is the most beneficial product for boosting immunity and improving the gut’s health. The main ingredients are kefir grains from which the Happy Gut Pro produces fresh and mineral-rich water. From there, this is combined with organic sugars to make a very tasteful yet healthy beverage. Happy Gut Pro uses only the highest quality ingredients to make sure their products are the best for you. Therefore, Happy Gut Pro’s beverage isn’t only good for the body and the gut, but it’s also perfect for everyone because it tastes delicious. In addition, replacing the regular water with water kefir is linked with immunity improvements, protection against certain types of cancer. It is also vegan-friendly, which means it’s a great fit for everyone. Many people don’t know about water kefir because this tasty but healthy beverage also includes beneficial bacteria and yeast, which doesn’t include dairy, gluten, or caffeine. Even though Happy Gut Pro operates from a small farm in the rural West Kootenays of BC, it is helping people all around Canada and even worldwide. Remember, the founder of Happy Gut Pro found the benefits of water kefir by accident. Yet, she’s on the mission to help spread the awareness and the beverage itself that can potentially change many lives. So if your gut is ready for a change, there’s no better way to make improvements than trying out water kefir. However, keep in mind that if you purchase water kefir from Perk Hero, you can save money, earn cashbacks, and earn rewards! What is your gut waiting for? Register for Perk Hero today to get your water kefir along with great benefits! ——— Returns & Refunds Easy returns and exchanges - If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with one of our products, you can send it back within 30 days. As long as the item is in new condition, we will offer a full refund lest the cost of return shipping. Email hello@happygutpro.com and we’ll get you taken care of. We hand package and ship all of our products within 48 hours of receiving an order to ensure your items are as fresh as possible. If for any reason your product is damaged during shipping, email hello@happygutpro.com for a free replacement.