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September 1st 2021, 7:30 PM
By Perk Hero

7 Tips On How To Create A Non-Toxic Home

Your home is your sanctuary, and everyone wants a non-toxic home. While many people are already aware of the dangers of household toxins and ways to prevent them, there are still many hidden areas potentially polluting your home. 

Unfortunately, unless you isolate yourself in a sterile environment, you won’t be able to cut everything out. That being said, you can choose which products to buy or cut out to improve your home environment. Here are some tips to help you create a toxic-free household. 

Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

There are many ways to improve air quality within your home. The simplest way to air out your room is by opening your windows and allowing the air to circulate. You can also purify the air in your home by strategically placing some plants around the house. 

But if opening the windows isn’t possible, you should invest in an excellent energy-saving air purifier that effectively captures air pollutants. The Levoit Vista 200 True HEPA Air Purifier traps up to 99.97% of fine particles up to 0.3 microns in size using a quiet and efficient three-stage filter, including pollutants like pollen, dust, and even pet hair. This air purifier also features a night light with two brightness levels and three fan speeds.

Opt For Environmentally-Friendly Food Containers And Wraps

There are thousands of compounds in plastic containers across the food industry—a number of them proven to be harmful to the environment and your health.

Phthalates, for example, is the substance used to make food plastic containers more flexible. But it’s also been linked to infertility, neurodevelopmental issues, and asthma. BPA, another chemical widely used in food plastic, containers, and bottles, is harmful to neonatal and infant brain and reproductive health.

Instead, put your leftovers in a glass container instead! Glass is non-porous and impermeable, so your food’s aroma and taste won’t change even after heating. It also has an almost-zero rate of chemical reaction, keeping your food nutritious and safe even after heating.   

Instead, swap out your cling films for some eco-friendly bowl covers by Eco Loco. These bowl covers are made of RecyPUL™, a material woven with recycled plastic bottle fibers. Lead-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free, these cute bowl covers can keep your food fresh for longer. Besides that, they also come with a variety of sizes and can be adjusted to any dish or bowl. 

Avoid Teflon Cookware

Strangely, cookware would emit toxic particles on your food, but that’s precisely what non-stick Teflon cookware does when the slippery coat gets scratched. That’s because Teflon cookware contains perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) that cause flu-like symptoms called ‘Teflon flu.

Cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic-coated pots, and pans are all great alternatives. You might even find “green” non-stick cookware on the market that’s toxic-free and safe for your home. That being said, we recommend this gorgeous baby green enamelled three-quart cast iron dutch oven that’s perfect for all your home cooking. You can also opt for this high-temperature glass teapot with a built-in filter instead of Teflon-coated teapots. 

Replace Scented Candles With Soy Candles

Lighting a candle by the bathtub might be a harmless indulgence for you, but you might be unwittingly inflaming your lungs. Synthetic fragrances are some of the most toxic items found within the home, with recent research pointing at some candles producing toxins equal to a cigarette

For one, aromatherapy candles use paraffin, a petroleum by-product that releases carcinogenic soot into the air when burned. The soot can also cause damages to your appliances and ductwork. Not only that, but the scent from the candles might contain up to three thousand or more ingredients that are toxic, unregulated, and synthetic. 

Unscented 100% beeswax candles are the greenest, cleanest option, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for soy wax candles. Although all soy wax candles contain a minimal amount of paraffin, they are still better than paraffin-laden candles. We love this fruity Blueberry Sage soy wax candle and a warm woody scent from this Rosa Wood coconut candle

Replace Toxic Dryer Sheets

It’s hard to believe that something as small as dryer sheets can be toxic to your family. Dryer sheets contain harmful chemicals that adhere to your laundry and filter into the air. 

These wool dryer balls are a safe and easy-to-use alternative to dryer sheets. Not only do they reduce drying time and energy, but your clothes would also come out wrinkle-free and static. They are also hypoallergenic and all-natural. To make your clothes smell nicer, you can drip a few relaxing essential oils into your wool dryer balls. 

Detox Your Skincare

It can be difficult but necessary to leave behind our favourite scents. That’s because manufacturers often don’t list all the chemicals used to make fragrances, which is a problem since a single scent can contain up to 300 unique chemicals. This is not even still including the hidden toxins in skin or body care products. 

The chemicals aren’t overly harmful by themselves, but they could be detrimental when you compound the usage of multiple products. Since an average woman uses about 12 products per day, having a toxic beauty routine can do a number on your health over time.  

Clean Regularly And Be Mindful Of Your Produce

It makes sense that cleaning regularly is the ultimate way to detoxify your home. Be mindful of certain things like not wearing shoes in your home, and keeping a doormat near each door can reduce allergens and dust particles entering your home. 

But to take things a bit further, you should also clean your produce properly. Using a lab-tested fruits and vegetables wash by Avazera, you can remove wax, chemicals, pesticides, and soil from your fruits while keeping your produce fresh for longer. This plant-based soap is made of purslane and has antimicrobial properties.  

Save Money While Detoxifying Your Home

We know that changing the products you often use can be very expensive. So why not opt for the smarter choice and purchase your eco-friendly, non-toxic products from Perk Hero? 

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