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November 3rd 2021, 7:36 PM
By Perk Hero

6 Grooming Essentials You Need For No-Shave November

It’s the first week of November, which means it’s time for No-Shave November again! For those of you who don’t know, this month-long journey began in 2004 when 30 Australian men ditched their razors for 30 days to inspire meaningful conversations about men’s health issues like prostate cancer and suicide prevention.  

Now, the No-Shave November (or Movember) movement has become a tradition for men worldwide to stop shaving for a month to support the campaign. But if you’re not a fan of unruly, shaggy beards, here are six men’s grooming products you can use to look the best for your razor-free activism. 

  1. Earth Made Co. Tea Tree Beard Oil

Nothing promotes better conversation about men’s health than a thick and lush beard. A must-have in beard grooming, the Tea Tree Beard Oil from Earth Made Co. is designed to condition, nourish, and hydrate a beard at any stage. 

It contains a blend of natural aromatic essential oils, including grape seed oil for faster beard growth and jojoba oil to reduce breakage. It’s also lightweight and effortless to apply. Like all Earth Made Co products, this tea tree beard oil is cruelty-free and organic with ethically sourced ingredients.  

  1. PBSCO. Beard Balm

Thanks to a thick, leave-in conditioner-like texture, the beard balm from PBSCo. provides the intense hydration and nourishment your grizzly beard needs without being too oily. Not only that, but it offers a medium hold and structure to tame unruly beard hairs and create a clean look.

It also smells fantastic with subtle notes of birch sweet, pine, and tea tree and is very easy to apply. All you need to do is to put a little on a damp beard, and you’re set! If you have an especially dry beard, you can pair the beard balm with the PBSCo. Beard Oil to give your beard the extra shot of hydration it needs. 

  1. MMUK Beard Filler

As its name suggests, MMUK Beard Filler is created to fill in the area it’s applied to. Perfect for the budding beard grower, this beard filler uses a delicate powder formula that holds on to any gaps in your beard to achieve the illusion of a full, luscious beard. 

It is available in six shades to match any hair colour. Not only that but it’s enriched with protective ingredients that don’t itch and irritate your skin or leave behind a messy residue. With this beard filler, you won’t have to power through the awkward and patchy beard phase. You’d be able to actually give your beard the time it needs to grow into itself while looking dapper at the same time!  

For the best results, use the MMUK Beard Setting Pomade with your beard filler for extra protection and nourishment. With a long-lasting and moisturizing effect on your beard hair, you can groom your beard to perfection by keeping your stray beard hairs at bay. All you need is a little of both to achieve a matte finish that’ll last through the longest workdays and the rowdiest parties. 

  1. Boar Bristle Beard Brush by PBSCo.

Growing a beard is only half the battle—making sure it’s clean and neat is the other. During the day, your beard can get super dirty as crumbs from your lunch and dust get trapped within it. Shy of washing your face or taking a shower, getting the Board Bristle Beard Brush from PBSCo. is the next best thing.

This is especially important if you have a dry beard and tend to need more beard products. Boar bristle brushes not only keep your beard clean but also evenly distribute your face’s natural oils and your products to all corners of your beard. By brushing regularly with the PBSCo. Boar Bristle Brush, you can also ‘train’ your beard hair follicles to grow in a specific direction. 

  1. Floral Silk Conditioner by The Green Room Co.

Dry and flaky skin is probably not what you signed up for when you volunteered for No-Shave November. Unfortunately, many men neglect the skin under their beards when they’re growing it out since they figured beard oil and balm would take care of everything. 

Beard care and skincare go hand-in-hand when you’re trying to achieve a thick beard. The Silk Conditioner bar adequately moisturizes the scalp under your beard while stimulating your beard hair to grow faster. We strongly recommend the Floral bar for men with beard dandruff as it contains lavender oil (soothes itchiness) and cocoa powder (prevents split ends).

And when you’re done with No-Shave November, you can use the silk conditioner bar as a shave bar for a silky smooth, non-irritating shave. 

  1. After Shave Balm by Marence Canada

No-Shave November can be a challenging time for men who have never tried to grow a beard before. In that case, there’s no shame in tapping out and enjoying a smooth shave.

Made for people with sensitive skin, the After Shave Balm by Marence Canada contains hyaluronic acid with three different molecular weights that stimulate collagen synthesis. Not only does it promote better skin repair, but it also reduces skin roughness and redness. Using a freshly developed Freshwater Green Mud extract, goji fruit, and Italian Helichrysum areaumat perpetua extracts, your skin will get all the moisturization and love it needs to thrive. 

For a cleaner and more precise shave, you can opt for the straight razor from PBSCo. And KAI Captain. Designed for surgical use, these blades offer extraordinary sharpness and cutting-edge durability. Don’t worry about cutting yourself—it features a unique dispenser system that allows you to quickly and safely insert a fresh blade into the razor holder. 


Activism and grooming are some of life’s greatest struggles, but that doesn’t mean your bank account has to bear the brunt of it. By simply signing up and buying ethically sourced, Canadian-made products, you earn cashback and savings that you can put towards your next purchase. From everyone here at Perk Hero: Happy No-Shaving, and may the beard gods smile upon you!